Botox in Pensacola, FL

Are you looking to improve your appearance, reduce signs of aging, and remove wrinkles and fine lines from your face? We welcome you to a FREE consultation with Dr. Mitchell!


Botox® is now safer, more effective, and more affordable than ever. Injections are administered under the skin around your eyes, mouth, and/or forehead to shrink and eliminate wrinkles. Botox® prevents nerve cells from releasing the chemicals that cause wrinkles.

How Is Botox® Performed?

The procedure involves a small injection of the formula just underneath the skin in several areas. Dr. Mitchell or a certified staff member will mark the treatment areas with a marking pencil prior to the procedure. Next an antiseptic is applied to the treatment areas in preparation for the injections. The injection points are where the muscles contract, which may not be on the wrinkles directly. The procedure usually takes no longer than 10 minutes, and is done with a tiny needle for minimum to no discomfort.

Are You A Good Candidate for Botox®?

This safe procedure comes with minimal risk of complications. Candidates for Botox® injections may be anyone looking to improve there appearance, reduce signs of aging, and remove wrinkles and fine lines from his or her face. From treating excessive sweating and reducing fine lines wherever they may be, this treatment isn’t just for crows feet!

Post Botox® Treatment Instructions

This procedure has few, if any side effects. Patients can expect to resume normal daily activities directly after receiving treatment. Some possible side effects include minimal discomfort and redness on the treated ares, flu-like symptoms, and nausea. Dr. Kenneth Mitchell may recommend that you avoid direct sunlight for a few days. Very few patients have reported muscle weakness, and droopy eyelids. However, this often ends within a few days. Contact your physician immediately if you experience unusual or extended side effects following your treatment.

Botox® Results

Wrinkles and fine lines normally fade by 80%. This renewed sense of youth and confidence achieved by the result of Botox® treatments can be noticed two to five days after treatment, and can last from three to six months!

Cost of Botox®

Every patient’s needs are different, so you need to discuss the price of Botox® with Dr. Mitchell or a staff member. Our knowledgeable and friendly Pensacola Wellness Solutions team is available for private consultations to talk about this, and to answer your questions or concerns about the procedure. We will work you with you to create a custom plan to address your needs and desired appearance. Are you interested in learning more about Botox®? Schedule your consultation today by contacting our office at (850)791-6010.