Spring cleaning isn’t just about reorganizing your home. It’s also the perfect time to ditch any bad habits and make more positive changes to improve your well being and lead a healthier lifestyle. Take the first step towards a fresh start by putting a little spring in your health with these five tips!


1. Tidy up your kitchen!

Start by cleaning out your kitchen cabinets and pantry, and getting rid of any items that may hinder your health goals. Having a well-stocked and organized kitchen might actually make you want to be in your kitchen, which will make cooking much more enjoyable!

Bonus Tip: When you’ve finished cleaning out your pantry, be sure to donate your extra non-perishables to your local food bank, like Manna Food Pantries.  

2. Revamp your diet!

Springtime means the arrival of fresh fruits and vegetables – asparagus, artichokes, honeydew, oranges, spinach, pineapples, mango and more! Find new recipes online or in your favorite cookbook and experiment with seasonal produce and fresh herbs to add flavor. Spring is also the time for expanding energy, not storing. Making small changes to your eating habits can make a big difference in your overall nutrition and health. So switch out sugary beverages for water or unsweetened tea and instead of fried, choose a grilled option to cut down on extra fat.  

3. Refresh your workout!

Switch up the same old boring treadmill routine and get your endorphins flowing by putting on your walking shoes or taking an exercise class like Zumba or yoga. With the warmer weather and longer days, springtime is the perfect time to get active. Exercise doesn’t just have to happen in a gym. Do an activity that you enjoy like going for a bike ride, taking a walk in the fresh air, tennis or golf – anything to get your heart rate up!  

4. Go outside!

The sun starts shining a little earlier and staying out a little longer in the spring. Here’s your chance to soak up the sun and enjoy some Vitamin D, which can fight depression, reduce the risk of heart disease, boost weight loss and more! Getting outside, breathing fresh air and listening to the birds chirp can also be as calming and relaxing as an hour of meditation. Find an outdoor hobby you enjoy, take up gardening to grow your own vegetables and don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers!

Bonus Tip: Be sure to protect your skin from too much sun exposure. Wear sunscreen, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat!  

5. Make an appointment!

It’s time to take yourself in for a tuneup! Schedule an appointment for that health screening you’ve been putting off all winter long. At Pensacola Wellness Solutions, we offer basic health screenings and heart screenings and we specialize in men and women’s health tests, anti-aging testing, thyroid testing and micronutrient testing! Whether you’re experiencing hormone imbalance symptoms, hair loss, or thyroid issues, our staff cares about your health and finding the root of any issues you may be experiencing. Call us today at (850) 791-6010 or schedule an appointment online here!


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