Telomere Health

The discovery of the enzyme telomerase that restores end cap length was perhaps one of the most significant findings in understanding the role of healthy DNA as a factor in aging. The enzyme is regulated by a gene called hTERT that is normally turned off. But it can be turned on by a telomerase activator. Scientific studies have shown that controlled activation of telomerase in normal cells increases telomere length and telomere health, improving functional capacity of cells and promoting the proliferation or lifespan of cells. Truly an anti-aging switch. Even more so, the discovery of a telomerase activator, which was naturally occurring in the plant world, has provided options now for true anti-aging “therapy”. It was isolated from the root of a Chinese scrub, Astragalus, which had been chewed for its “vital” properties for centuries. Investigators found the active ingredient to be cycloastragenol, an activator of the enzyme telomerase. Its discovery has launched a series of studies with mice and humans with the human trials entering the fourth year. The herbal supplement is grown and distributed by TA Sciences and offered under the name TA65.