Diet and Lifestyle Tips For a Healthy Thyroid

  Getting Started with Thyroid Health The thyroid gland is located at the base of the neck and only weighs about an ounce. It may be small, but the hormones it produces have a wide-ranging impact on your health, weight, and lifestyle! The thyroid helps m

Seven Tips to Kick Start Your Metabolism

Kick Start Your Metabolism Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a naturally fast metabolism, but do not fear; there are steps you can take to ensure it’s burning the maximum number of calories. Having the best information on diet and exercise is k

New Year, New You?

  The New Year is here, and with that comes resolutions…lots and lots of resolutions.  Among the estimated 45% of Americans who regularly make New Year’s Resolutions, only 8% are successful in achieving them. Many of those resolutions are to los

Run For a Good Cause: Your Health.

  Your first thought when it comes to running is probably: ugh, I will tomorrow. However, running is one of the best type of cardio you can do for your entire body.   Here are a few ways running can benefit you: Improves your health: Running raises