TA65 has been on the market since 2007 and is the only established telomerase activator. It is recommended that baseline of telomere length be established before taking TA-65. There a two reputable labs that measure telomere length. Pensacola Wellness Solutions recommends SpectraCell Laboratories and can provide this testing through the office.


Because TA-65® is a nutritional supplement and not an FDA approved drug, TA Sciences may not make any claims for disease treatment, diagnosis, or mitigation via its mechanism on telomere length or any other mechanism. However the science supports that there is broad potential for tissue system regeneration. Below is a partial list of tissues that are expected to benefit from telomerase activation: Immune cells – memory and naive Hematopoietic stem cells Lung alveolar cells Skin dermis, epidermis, vasculature Vascular intima (endothelium) Osteoblasts MSC GI track epithelial cells Liver Hepatocytes Retinal pigmented tissue of eye Chondrocytes Skeletal muscle Kidney cortex Cardiomyocytes – especially the cells of the coronary arteries that support cardiac cells Neural cells – especially the microglia that support neural cells Subjective results: what our clients tell us. As always, a grain of salt must be applied to anything someone simply says, but when a large number of people report the same findings, one must at least pay attention. In some cases, the reports are subjective, because there is no way to measure them. In others they are simply not part of what is commonly measured or have not been followed specifically in enough people to gain statistical significance. The very nature of Telomere Biology indicates that different people will obtain different benefits. Telomerase works selectively to lengthen short telomeres. One person will have short telomeres in one organ system while another will have their shortest telomeres in another system. Telomerase has the potential to go after one person’s specific problem and go after a different problem in another person.

Here are some of the more common reports, but not everyone sees all these benefits:
  1. Improved energy and stamina
  2. Need for less sleep but without fatigue – getting more done in a day
  3. Improved joint flexibility
  4. Improved skin health and appearance
  5. Improved visual acuity
  6. Improved sex drive