School is back in session – which means the kids are out of the house – so it’s time to treat yourself! At Pensacola Wellness Solutions, our team focuses not only on restoring your health but also ensuring that you look as great as you feel. There are multiple esthetic and cosmetic services available to improve your appearance, reduce signs of aging and remove wrinkles or fine lines from your face like Botox® Cosmetic or Juvederm®. But which one is right for you? While both are non-surgical, safe and effective ways of getting rid of wrinkles, they work in very different ways and work best on different parts of the face.


Botox® is a natural, purified protein that is used to temporarily relax facial muscles, or prevent muscle movement, which can cause lines and wrinkles. Additionally, it can be used to treat excessive sweating known as hyperhidrosis.


– Forehead Lines
– Frown Lines
– Lax sagging Eyebrows
– Crow’s Feet | sometimes called ‘laugh lines,’ appear around the eyes when a person is laughing or smiling
– Bunny Lines | wrinkles that appear at the side and upper part of the nose when we smile
– Under Eye Lines


The procedure involves a small injection of the formula right underneath the skin in the designated area with a very tiny needle for minimum to no discomfort. The injection points are where the muscles contract, which may not be directly on the wrinkles. The Botox® procedure takes no longer than 10 minutes and has little to no side effects. Though some patients may experience slight bruising, swelling or discomfort due to the needle, patients can typically resume normal activity immediately following the procedure. Additionally, Dr. Mitchell may suggest that you avoid direct sunlight for a few days following the procedure. Wrinkles and fine lines normally fade by 80%. This renewed sense of youth and confidence achieved by the result of Botox® treatments can be noticed two to five days after treatment and can last from three to six months!


Juvederm® is a dermal filler that replenishes hyaluronic acid (HA) in your skin. As we age, our skin loses its volume which causes wrinkles to form over time, the nasolabial folds to deepen, our mouth to turn downward and our cheeks to flatten. Juvederm® occurs naturally in the body which allows us to amplify the naturally existing nutrients in the skin to provide patients with a more youthful look without introducing other chemicals.


– Sunken Cheeks
– Nasolabial Folds | two skin folds sometimes called ‘smile lines’ that run from each side of the nose to the corner of the mouth
– Lip Lines
– Superficial Lines
– Oral Commissure | the corner of the mouth where the upper lip meets the lower lip
– Thin Lips
– Chin Lines



Using a fine needle to augment, or fill, the soft tissue of the dermis, Dr. Mitchell carefully injects HA under the skin to add volume and diminish wrinkles and folds. If needed, you can request a numbing agent to take away any discomfort you may be concerned about feeling as a result of the injection. The procedure only takes about 15 to 30 minutes for the first visit. Following the treatment, your skin may feel more full than normal and you may experience temporary redness and swelling around the treated area. However, there is no downtime after receiving Juvederm®, but Dr. Mitchell recommends avoiding alcohol and strenuous exercise for the rest of the day. You only need one treatment to notice the improvements. Your body will eventually metabolize the injections, but the results could last for six months or longer. Long-term results can be achieved with repeated treatments.

Let Pensacola Wellness Solutions help you fight against the signs of aging and restore your ability to maintain youthful looking skin. If you’re interested in a safe, effective and affordable solution to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, schedule your consultation with Dr. Mitchell today via our Patient Portal or by giving us a call at (850) 791-6010.


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