Exercise. Exercise. Exercise. We know, you get it, it’s important. At every age you should be moving your body and getting the blood flowing, but did you know it may be even more important as you get older? Older adults have a lot to gain from staying active.

7 Benefits Exercise Provides

  1. Strengthens your heart and improves your circulation
  2. Keeps blood pressure and cholesterol at healthier levels
  3. Aids in healthy weight loss and weight control
  4. Keeps your joints strong and flexiblea. Exercise keeps your joints strong and flexible at a younger age. However, as you age if your joints do start to bother you there are still exercises you can do. These include swimming, walking and range of motion activities.
  5. Helps keep your mind active and improves memorya. Exercise helps increase blood circulation, providing nutrients to keep brain cells nourished and healthy
  6. Better quality of sleepa. Your body needs rest after you exercise. Therefore you are more likely to get a better night sleep after you get in that workout!
  7. Has been shown to keep skin younger and possibly reverse aging’s effectsa. in people over 65b. In a recent study (very interesting!), it was found a mix of substances within the body produced from exercising actually make exercise a protector of youth.

How You Can Get Active

It is important to adopt a regular exercise routine to ensure you are getting the daily recommended amount. So, how can you get active without making it seem like a chore? Try classes, trainers, or working out with a buddy! Having someone else workout with you helps hold you accountable not to skip out AND as an added bonus, it’s way more fun! Now that it’s summertime, you can even work out on the beach! Aerobic activities include walking, dancing, and cycling. Muscle-strengthening activities such as yoga help you balance, breathe and strengthen all at the same time. In addition, things like light yard work, carrying groceries, and cleaning the house all aid in the amount of physical activity your body receives each day. Exercising doesn’t mean you need to run a marathon. Just get that blood moving for thirty minutes three times a week and you will notice a difference in your skin, attitude, and overall quality of life!