Relax for Holidays, it’s Good For Your Health!

All Christmas songs exude beautiful melodies about presents, holiday cheer, delicious food, and the beautiful snowflakes falling outside our windows (well maybe not here in Pensacola but we still listen to the songs). However, there aren’t very many, if any, that mention the stress and overeating the holiday’s bring- those filthy animals! Hold the stress, we have some simple steps you can follow this holiday season to help you actually enjoy yourself!

  1. Don’t Forget to Exercise! | Relieving Stress By Being Active
  2. Exercise probably falls to the bottom of your seemingly endless to-do list during the holidays. Don’t let it! Exercise will actually help lower your stress level and help you take care of yourself. The endorphins that are released during physical activity act as natural pain and stress relievers. Endorphins also help regulate appetite and boost the immune system, both valuable things during the season!

  3. Make Time for Yourself | Take Yourself A Break
  4. Whether you are having everyone over to your house, or you yourself are the houseguest, large groups of family and friends come with the spirit of the holidays. That can get a bit stressful. Carve out personal time in your schedule so you can enjoy a breather and give yourself a break from the action.

  5. Make Healthy Eating Choices | Keeping Your Energy UP
  6. We are not saying if you eat a cookie you’ll be on the naughty list. We are saying make choices! There is tons of food at holiday parties. Select small portions of the not so healthy foods you would like to sample, and then stick to a balanced meal. It’s not a diet, but part of keeping up with your healthy lifestyle. Also- eating healthy and not indulging TOO much will give you more energy to keep up with your holiday schedule!

  7. Manage Your Time | Think Realistically, Not Holiday Miracle…y
  8. Set priorities for yourself and strike those impossible goals off your list. Ask others, including your kids to help you out; you can’t do it all yourself! In addition, don’t spend all of your time planning activities for your family- make sure you’re participating as well! There is a lot to plan during the holiday season, but that means there is also a lot to do- enjoy the fruits of your labor with the meaningful people in your life!

  9. Start Thinking Ahead | Make The Right Choices Before It’s Too Late
  10. Often times we allow ourselves to eat and drink whatever we want during the holidays and can forget about exercise all together. Then we make our New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, eat healthy, and stick to an exercise routine. Well- if you don’t let your healthy eating, stress management, and exercise routine go completely out the window during the holidays you’re already a step ahead!

Happy Holidays!

Follow our tips for stress management this holiday season and most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself! The holidays are supposed to be a joyous time, don’t overwhelm yourself with stress!