Kick Start Your Metabolism

Not all of us are fortunate enough to have a naturally fast metabolism, but do not fear; there are steps you can take to ensure it’s burning the maximum number of calories. Having the best information on diet and exercise is key to success. Be sure to check out our sections on NUTRITION BASICS.
    1. Eat Breakfast
Eating breakfast within the first hour of waking up helps jumpstart your metabolism. Choose foods high in fiber and protein like egg whites or whole-grain cereal to get the most out of your mornings and set the pace for the rest of your day.
    1. Drink Coffee
Caffeine boosts your metabolic rate. According to a study published in US Journal Physiology & Behavior, the average metabolic rate of people who drank caffeinated coffee was 16 percent higher than those who drank decaf.
  • Move More Throughout The DayMove every chance you get. You need to ask someone in the office something? Don’t email them. Get up and go ask them in person. Moving keeps your heart rate going, which helps boost your metabolism. So, the next time your boss asks what you’re doing socializing, you have our permission to say you’re just trying to boost your metabolism!
  • Drink Cold Water
  Cold water isn’t just more refreshing; it actually helps boost your metabolism. Your body burns more calories in colder temperatures because it has to work harder. Now you have an excuse to complain when there’s not enough ice in your water!
  • Vary Your Workout
  Change up your routine! Short, high-intensity exercise boosts your metabolism. Instead of running the same pace the whole work out, challenge yourself!
  • Add Some Spice to Your Diet
  Chili peppers contain Capsaicin, a chemical compound that can kick up your metabolism. So, add some spice to your diet. In addition, spices are naturally fat free so there are no added calories.
  • Get Some Sleep
  Your body needs sleep to keep your muscle mass and hormones circulating properly. Sleep is an integral part to boosting your metabolism. Although it’s hard, try to get seven hours a night. Try adding these seven tips to your daily routine. Go slow if it seems overwhelming adding them all at once, and take it one day at a time. Believe us…..your body will thank you!