Staying healthy and feeling your best is important at any age, and that doesn’t change just because you’ve gained a few more grey hairs. Though, subtle changes occur in your 40s that need to be addressed before they become serious problems.

Metabolism slows by 2% per decade, depression is more likely now than later in life, stress can be especially high, libido declines because of high stress levels and hormonal changes, muscle is down by 6 to 7 pounds from 10 years ago, and to top it all off, most people lose about 1% of bone each year after their mid-thirties.

But don’t fret; in your fabulous 40s, you can still feel indestructible – after all, these are the ‘great years’. These tips can help you maintain your physical and emotional health and live life to the fullest as you reach your 40s.


If you’ve never been a breakfast person, now might be the time to start. It is crucial to ‘re-fuel’ your body (and your brain) by eating breakfast each morning. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast consume more vitamins, minerals and fiber throughout the day. Additionally, a healthy and nutritious breakfast can reduce the risks of overeating later in the day, make you feel fuller for longer and have less cravings – overall, helping you control your weight!

For breakfast – or for any meal, really – it’s important to listen to your hunger and satiety signals. Don’t just eat because it’s breakfast time. Eat when you’re hungry, whether it’s 7 a.m. or 10 a.m.

When you skip breakfast, you will have lower energy levels, less strength and endurance, poorer memory, and even worse moods. So, be sure and make breakfast a habit by just taking 10 minutes each morning when you are hungry to enjoy a healthy breakfast, like fresh fruits, oatmeal, eggs, or whole grain breads.


Did you know that each decade after 30, our muscles decline by up to 8%? However, there is a way to prevent this from happening. Studies have shown that strength training is key for maintaining muscle mass, preventing osteoporosis and increasing your metabolism.

Strength training for just 6 months can increase your resting metabolism – a study on men showed a boost of 7% – so you’ll burn more calories even when you’re just sitting on the sofa. Additionally, this type of exercise will help you reserve bone, maintain balance, and avoid injury.

Aim to exercise for at least 30 minutes each day!


A healthy and calm heart beats faster when you breathe in and slower when you breathe out. However, stress will inhibit the natural heart rate variability, which can trigger unhealthy bodily changes like increased blood pressure or less energy to the brain. Take a couple of minutes to notice your breathing a few times a day. Anytime you feel pressure, try breathing in through your nose for 4 heart beats and out for at least 8 beats. Doing so will activate the vagus nerve that runs from the brain to the pelvis, relaxing your heart, muscles, blood vessels, gastrointestinal tract and airways.

While going to the gym to workout will strengthen your body, it is equally important to work out your mind. Did you know that meditating daily can help reduce stress, anxiety, depression and even pain? If you’ve never tried meditating, yoga can also be a good practice to start with to help ease you into that type of mindful state.

Bonus Tip: Every evening do something that takes your mind off of work or other life stressors: a long bath with a glass of your favorite wine, reading a new book, gardening or yoga.


Remember when you were younger and you loved to dance or you jammed in a band? Maybe you loved playing basketball or maybe you went on an annual snowboarding trip. Often times, life gets in the way of doing the things that we love. Make it a point to start doing the things that made you feel alive again! Pick up that guitar, pack your bags, go out with your friends and sing karaoke, do something for yourself! You’ll feel, and look, all the more ‘young and vibrant’ again!

Bonus Tip: How not to embarrass yourself at karaoke!
1. Warm up all day. Start by counting aloud when you wake. Later, laugh out loud; we laugh higher than we talk, so you’ll be activating your upper register.
2. Lubricate your voice, especially if you’re nervous (stress can dry out your vocal cords). Half an hour before you sing, eat a little bread soaked in olive oil.
3. Breathe from your diaphragm. You’ll generate the air you need to produce a melodious tone. Inhale through your nose and push your belly button out. Exhale and let your navel go back in.
4. Feel free to change keys. Even the pros sing in a lower register when their voice gets tired.
5. Sing with joy, from your heart, and no one will care how you sound.
—Debra Byrd, vocal coach for The Voice


Changes in your body as you age are often noticeable, but the underlying causes might not be so obvious. Hormones affect our brain, heart, bones muscles and our reproductive organs. They work best when they’re balanced, but fluctuations are a natural part of life.

There are a few key signs that we can watch for, but scheduling a consultation with a hormone expert should be your first step in addressing hormone imbalance. Pensacola Wellness Solutions specializes in accurately addressing hormone imbalance symptoms by creating custom tailored hormonal treatment plans specific to your needs.


Everyone wants to look young and healthy, but here’s some anti-aging advice: there’s no ‘one size fits all’. However, following a few skincare regimens in your 40s isn’t a bad idea. For starters, exfoliate both your face and body, to remove dead skin and speed up cell renewal – but be gentle, as after 40 your skin is slightly more delicate. Also, be sure to incorporate some sort of sunscreen into your daily routine. The number one cause of premature skin aging is from UV light. Incidental exposure, like driving a car or sitting by a window, can also cause damage to the skin, so be sure and apply a moisturizer with sunscreen every single day – rain or shine.

Also, it’s important to drink a lot of water. Water not only quenches your thirst, but it also keeps your skin hydrated and supple. Once you realize you’re thirsty, then you’re already dehydrated, which can take a serious toll on your skin. Drink plenty of water throughout your day to hydrate your cells so that nutrients stay in and toxins get out!


It’s important to regularly check in with your healthcare team as you get older. It’s equally as important to listen to your body. If something hurts, don’t ignore it. It probably hurts for a reason and you should get it checked out!

If you’re feeling worn out, gaining weight and your hair and skin has lost its’ luster, you may consider getting your thyroid checked! Your thyroid gland helps control your energy level and regulate hormones – and 40 is a time when thyroid disease can begin to show its face!

At Pensacola Wellness we care about your health and finding the root of any issues you may be experiencing. Our team offers testing for everything from basic health screening to men’s and women’s health tests and even specialized tests such as micronutrient and thyroid.


The tap water hits a spoon in the sink and sprays you. You pull a window shade and it just keeps going and going. You can’t roll up a garden hose in any dignified way. You have to become a connoisseur of these events—”Wow, look at that, that’s great.” You have to hope that a higher power is saying, “That was a good one!” And that you’re sharing the divine pleasure it’s taking in your misfortune.
—Ian Frazier, author of The Cursing Mommy’s Book of Days

Sometimes, you just have to laugh at life – and at yourself. They say laughter is the best medicine. Thankfully, it won’t add years to your life, but it will definitely add life to your years!

Take on your fabulous 40s the right way by following these preventative habits for a healthier, sharper, more energetic and more fulfilled life for years to come!


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